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Earth for All

 Auteur: Sandrine Dixson-Declève  Categorie: Ecologie, Economie, Sociale filosofie, Wetenschap  Uitgever: New Society Publishers  ISBN: 9780865719866  Optie tot koop

Earth For All is an antidote to despair. Combining the global economy, population, inequality, food, and energy in a state-of-the art computer model, a leading group of scientists and economists present a plan of five system-shifting steps to achieve prosperity for all within planetary limits in a single generation.

FIVE DECADES AGO, The Limits to Growth shocked the world. For the first time, it charted how population and industrial growth were pushing humanity towards a cliff. Today we are at the cliff edge: Earth has crossed multiple planetary boundaries. On top of that, widespread inequality is causing deep social instabilities, making it even more difficult to address our crises. People are calling for systems change. But what does that mean?

For the first time, Earth For All lays out what systems change really means for civilization. It is both an antidote to despair and a roadmap to a better future. Using groundbreaking computer modeling, leading scientists and economists show how five extraordinary turnarounds are needed urgently to achieve prosperity for all within planetary limits within a single generation.
This unique analysis explores:

  • A clear pathway to reboot our global economic system
  • Two alternative scenarios this century – Too-Little-Too-Late vs The Giant Leap
  • Five system-shifting steps that can upend poverty and inequality and transform our food and energy systems by 2050.

Accessible and inspirational, this survival guide for humanity is required reading for everyone concerned about living well on a fragile planet.

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